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StayFit by Kardio Kings is looking for serious-minded group fitness instructors, dancers, and choreographers to join our movement. If you are highly-motivated, have a passion for dance and fitness, and want to build a better business, join us and bring added inspiration and a higher level of energy to your classes that will have everyone moving, sweating, and getting their jam on like never before.

Here’s the deal: StayFit by Kardio Kings will add a professional studio mix to your playlist for free. Provide your own tracks or choose them from our library—adrenaline-pumping world music, pop tunes, classic Latin dance, or anything else from any genre. Add the moves and start using your custom mix, and StayFit founder and World’s Favorite Fitness DJ Alan Baddmixx Boyd will then post it on his website, where it will be collaboratively branded under his and your name and sold to others throughout the industry. The profits from each sale will be shared jointly, and split based upon the length of the mix and time spent to create it. Our mix for you can run all the way from warm-up to cool-down, or just for specific portions of your classes.

For those seeking to bring a masterful level of timed beats and music to their classes, start their own program, create a virtual class, or take an existing series of studio or online classes to the next level globally, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Help others along their fitness journey, drop some amazing moves along the way, and generate additional income. 

To learn more contact StayFit Kardio Kings on the contact form below. Be sure to explore baddmixx.com to see what others like you are already doing. 

By working together we can promote each other’s interests: You own the moves and collect class members’ fees. StayFit’s professional mixing services will help bring more members to you at no charge. We, in turn, benefit from the sales of our mix to your members and others, and everyone wins. Some restrictions apply, act now and become more profitable sooner.

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