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StayFit by Kardio Kings is now seeking choreographers…

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to expand its reach around the globe, gyms and fitness studios have closed their doors and left countless people with no place to workout for the foreseeable future. 

While social distancing and sheltering in place may rapidly be becoming the new normal, DJ Baddmixx feels that’s no reason anyone should have to forego their daily exercise routine. 

To that end he’s actively developing a new program called StayFit by Kardio Kings that will stream a series of  online classes taught by some of the fitness industry’s biggest names right into your home, offering everything from warm ups to high intensity cardio dance. 

Choreographers are needed for the project.

As an incentive, DJ Baddmixx will provide free mixing services to those contributing their efforts to the cause plus a generous percentage of the membership fees collected from those at home signing up for the service, which will offer both live stream sessions as well as an archive of every workout ever streamed that can be downloaded on video at any time.  

“There is no precedent for what we’re going through right now,” DJ Baddmixx said from his production studio in metro Chicagoland. “And it goes without saying that it’s more important than ever to stay fit and healthy. First and foremost, my goal with StayFit by Kardio Kings is to help everyone keep doing just that. 

Together we will stand fast and persevere, and even have a little fun along the way to counter the uncertainty of these times.”

Those choreographers wishing to learn all the details of the StayFit by Kardio Kings program should contact DJ Baddmixx using the form below.

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